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The term "neuroma" means a "tumor of a nerve". It is an abnormal growth of cells within a nerve, and the majority of them are benign, but a few rare tumors are cancerous. These true neuroma's generally occur in the larger nerve trunks of the ankle and lower leg, and in other parts of the human body. They can occur in the smaller nerves of the foot, but this is very uncommon.

Morton's Neuroma was founded over 100 years ago, a British physician named a benign tumor of the foot after himself and called it "Morton's neuroma". Modern medicine has shown that this tumor, which most often occurs between the bases of the 3rd and 4th toes, should be more accurately termed "perineural fibrosis" because it is a build up of scar tissue (fibrosis) around, not within, the small nerves between the metatarsal heads. This scar tissue becomes enlarged and causes compression on the nerve, which results in decreased blood and oxygen to the affected nerve segment, resulting in pain. This benign condition can occur between any of the metatarsal heads of the foot.