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Ingrown Toenails

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Toenails are simply an extension of our skin. The nail, or nail plate, is made up of the same type of cells that makes up our skin, which is the largest organ of the human body. Like every other organ in the body, there can be problems. By far, the most common problem with human toenails are when they become embedded in the surrounding skin, or nail fold. This is known as an ingrown toenail.

Ingrown Toenail causes the surrounding skin and nail plate to become red, swollen, and painful. As this process continues there can be drainage, odor, and eventually an infection with pus. As the infection becomes more severe the pain may subside because the bacteria change the environment in which they are breeding, and can cause numbness to the local nerves. In the more advanced cases of ingrown toenail "proud flesh" will develop, and this is known medically as a pyogenic granuloma. In the most severe neglected cases the insuing infection can lead to cellulitis, and even an infection of the underlying bone.


The most common cause of ingrown toenail is improper cutting, trimming, or tearing of the toenail. Injury, sports, improperly fitted shoes, improper pedicures, and occasionally chemotherapy can lead to deformity of the nail plate and result in an ingrown toenail.