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Toes are often overlooked and underappreciated by many of us. After all, what do they do beside rub in your shoes and often get cramped?

Toes actually provide an important function during walking and as a result of that can develop problems of their own. The development of: bursa, corns, abscesses, ingrown toe nails, tendonitis, subluxations and angular deformity (Hammer Toe Syndrome) all can be produced by abnormal function of the toes.

During gait, the arch of the foot naturally depresses to help absorb shock. One of the ways that the arch tries to elevate again is accomplished is by the gripping of the toes. They help to stabilize the metatarsal heads, pull the heel bone further forward to shorten the arch and elevate the heel.

Hammertoe causes during the process of gait, if an abnormal amount of force is misdirected, (the arch being too low or the foot being too unstable) the toes must over grip and increase their actions. Often times this leads to a muscular imbalance causing deformity to the toes.